Bihar election 2020: Nitish hopes Modi voters will carry him along to CM

Bihar election 2020: Nitish hopes Modi voters will carry him along to CM

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Patna: Bihar election 2020 is going on. After 15 years of full flashed rule over Bihar Nitish Kumar’s cader is not looking to push him to the CM post, but he hopes of Modi supporter to carry him to the post.

Anti-incumbency does not exactly explain it. This election is dealing two cruel ironies to Nitish Kumar. One, he’s at the end of the desire for improvement for the first time in 15 years, not at the driving place in Bihar.

Pm Narendra modi

The transition is drastic and dramatic: A leader seen and praised as the hero of the great twist of Bihar now sees himself as an ancient guard, the barrier to repair and development, rather than the perfect way.

After all, after the slide chaired by Lalu Prasad, Nitish restored authority in a state, who wrote about a radical increase in caste inequality, but did not take the following step or could not do so: thread social justice policies together with the governance agenda.

Pushpam priya the new face in Bihar election along with Chirag Paswan is the latest challenge for CM Nitish Kumar. But he is still optimistic only because of PM modi in Bihar.

The CM of Patna featured Modi’s largesse for the Kosi flood-affected, the leading leader who raised the flag of secularism and walked out of the NDA in 2013 because Modi had been projected to be his PM candidate, reliance on steady Mod, since Modi had not been a leader of the NDA since the BJP campaign was held in Bihar.

But Modi can only receive support from Nitish in a limited way , particularly from the high castes, which continue to be haunted by the brilliant spectra of what they call Lalu’s “jungle raj.”

Nitish will be Next CM?

Nitish must contend with an ever-growing clamour for a “badlav” or “parivartan” among backward castes and Dalits – where Modi’s passion still seems unthinkable.

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