Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election campaign will be digital: Sushil Modi

Bihar Vidhan Sabha Election campaign will be digital: Sushil Modi

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We are planing to start Bihar Vidhansabha election thought digital media like television and mobile app instead of home to home campaign to avid crowd in Lockdown because of coronavirus

Leaders will appeal for votes through mobile-television.

Assembly elections in Bihar later this year, but in view of the outbreak of Corona virus, the techniques of election campaigning are beginning to be questioned. In this regard, the Deputy Chief Minister of the nation Sushil Kumar Modi has stated that it’s miles not likely that inside the elections, political parties can campaign with the aid of helicopter or organize massive rallies. Sushil Modi stated that in Bihar elections, political events might be seen asking for votes through more and more virtual medium. He said that political events may be seen attractive to humans through mobile and tv votes.

Corona Virus effect!

100 trains every day for migrant workers of Bihar – Sushil Modi !

He stated that political parties in Bihar will hotel to door-to-door marketing campaign and will connect with voters through maximum audio and video conferencing.

How to do campaign?

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi stated that the way electorate vote can also be changed in elections. He also expressed the possibility that within the Bihar elections, human beings could be able to vote sitting at home. Let me inform you, Bihar meeting elections are to be held in October-November this year. But there is lots of doubt about whether it might be possible to maintain elections among the Covid-19 transition.

One Nation One Ration Card.

He also expressed the ability of the Bihar elections, human beings could beadle to vote sitting at home.

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