Who is Tarkishore Prasad, the new deputy CM of Bihar

Who is Tarkishore Prasad, the new deputy CM of Bihar

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Tarkishore Prasad is 64 years old, he is elected as MLA from Katihar Assembly sinceqq 2005. This time he has defeated Ram q11Prakash Mahato of RJD by 10 thousand votes margin.

Tarkishore Prasad is an older sanghi of RSS

Tarkishore Prasad is the member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. His family is originally from the Talkhua village of Saharsa district of Bihar. He belongs to the Kalwar Vaishya society, which has the status of backward class in Bihar.

Tarkishore Prasad’s family, belongs to a business family, carries on a clothing business. He has also operated a medical store. He also served in 2001 as President of the Katihar Chamber of Commerce. In the city’s business class Tarkishore prasad has a good hold. The business community in Katihar has a wave of happiness, with the dream of becoming a BJP Legislator Deputy CM.

Nitish Kumar taken the oath 7th time.

Nitish Kumar became the CM of Bihar. It was his 7th time when he took oath of CHIF MINISTER of Bihar. Tarkishore Prasad and Renu devi (BJP) appointed as deputy CM of the state.

while speaking to media BJP spokesperson person told that the decision of replacing MR sushil modi and appointed two new face is a move for showing younger face as the representation from our party.

Ganga Prasad Chaurasia is the governor of Sikkim

Ganga Prasad Chaurasia

Ganga Prasad Chaurasia is the father of Tarkishore Prasad. Who is also an politician. He is currently Sikkim State Governor and former Meghalayan Governor. He worked as an opposition leader during the RJD regime, and was a member of Bihar Legislative Council. During NDA rule in Bihar, He also held the position of leader of Bihar’s legislature. He became involved with Jan Sangh and until then remained linked to the same philosophy. Arya Samaj is an enthusiastic follower and he has served as the head of the unit of Samaj Pratinidhi Sabhah Bihar Arya. In the political circle, it is generally referred to as ‘Ganga Babu.’

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